How to Monogram a Hurricane : Eddie Ross, teacher

When our fav KC blogger mentioned that Eddie Ross would be teaching a class here, we knew we had to be a part...once we heard it involved a monogram, we were thrilled! We gathered at the fabulous Creative Candles. Greeted by Eddie & Jaithan, we mixed and mingled, then got to work.

hurricane, vase, whatever you want to monogram
Armour Etch
contact paper - cut to 8.5 x 11
exacto knife
paint brush
printed out monogram - on 8.5 x 11

While nothing can compare with Eddie & Jaithan's step-by-step direction...hand holding...wine pouring we're going to try to give you our interpretation. We're going to do it again, for sure!
Step 1: Tape Contact Paper, grid side down, over your monogram, onto table.
Trace monogram with Sharpie.

Step 2: Peal contact paper off and apply to hurricane.
Make sure it's straight and no air bubbles...easier said than done, but important!

Step 3: Using your exacto, cut your letters out & peal away, leaving letters exposed.
Clean surface area with paper towel, sprayed with Windex.

Step 4: Apply Armour Etch with paint brush - you want it thick, but not dripping.
Let stand for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Rinse off Armour Etch, remove contact paper & tape, clean glass with Windex.

Eddie helping fellow blogger friend

Our fav KC blogger at work!

Loving my teachers - such a fun day.
Thanks Eddie & Jaithan, come back to KC soon!

Another play-by-play from Anne Potter...
a little more organized in her description!


Green is Good - MARCH GIVEAWAY

We do anything we can to be "green" at work, home & play. These La Plates Reusable Bags help us out in all those categories! You can tote your work gear during the week...your groceries after work...we even took ours to the beach to carry sand toys last Fall! We're offering the bags in 2 styles: NAUTICAL CIRCLES (blue & white) & SWIRL (black & white). Made from recycled material, these 17.5 x 13 x 9 bags can carry all kinds of loot!

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Swirls with Script Fuchsia Monogram

UPDATE: We selected a winner!
be sure to get in touch, we don't have your email address!


Thanks for the love, Sara Gilbane!

Lonny Magazine is sacred around here...when the monthly online issue comes out, the office gets quiet and we each pour over the articles, the photos, the how-tos, basically every last inch of the online pages (after-hours, of course). It becomes a lunchtime discussion of favorite ideas and designers...Sara Gilbane was at the top of our list this month!

So when we stopped by her blog yesterday, we were thrilled to see that she loves La Plates! She's off to Paris for a while, but be sure to checkout her work and see what fab ideas she brings back from her worldly travels!

All images are from Lonny Magazine, issue 3, pg.70 -
Sara Gilbane's residence, I'm jealous...


Little Green Notebook - GIVEAWAY

Since starting La Plates, we have been introduced to the world of blogging. While we blog on the side, sharing more than we can on our website - there are bloggers that motivate others with each of their entries. One of our favorite daily reads is Little Green Notebook. Jenny is the creative wonder woman over at LGN. She makes fabulous shades out of old blinds, teaches you to decorate a bedroom in a week...heck, she even shares the beautiful story of her daughter's surprise arrival on Christmas Eve!

This week, Little Green Notebook is giving away a set of La Plates Salad/Dessert Plates. Be sure to stop by to sign up on LGN and spend a little time with Jenny - you won't be disappointed!
We're hosting a GIVEAWAY with LGN - a set of 4 Salad/Dessert plates.
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Spring has Sprung!

Today was the day. I can see the light at the end of this very long and cold tunnel we call winter. Phew, it's been a rough one!

Thought we'd give you some of our favorite ideas for kiddo Spring and Easter plates. While we love our bunny plate, we know some of you like to use your La Plates everyday of the year.

DOTS in light green

STRIPES in turquoise:
Be sure to order by March 19th for Easter delivery! How cute for the family brunch?


They're Here!

We've been dying for these totes to come in! We finally had a day of no snow and snapped a few shots. Can you stand it? They are perfect for Spring!!
in NAVY:
Which one are you going to carry this Spring and Summer?