I'm inspired!

Not only is a weekend away good for clearing the mind, but also to find inspiration for work. I didn't have to travel far from my host home to find everything I needed to freshen up La Plates. My hostess mentioned something about gypsies, but I found all the patterns welcoming, motivating and perfect...I can't wait for the next invite to the beach!
Throughout the home I couldn't get enough of the fabulous patterns

Pillows brought out amazing colors in each room

Fabric covers walls, beds and closet doors under this roof

In my real world, I'm a little land locked...the landscapes at the beach were beautiful and inspiring

Piggy banks, staircases, ceilings and orchids can be inspiration, if you just take a minute to see them...

Girls' Weekend

Re-entry into motherhood and the working world has been a tough one! I can't get over what fun I had with old friends...my sides were hurting from laughing so hard. We figured out we have been friends for 16 years, one of us from Greenwich, CT...one of us from Indianapolis...one of us from Dooley County, GA. Sea Island (Junior Staff) brought us together all those years ago and it rounded us up again this weekend - what fun! I tried to capture photos of some of the new buildings during our adventures. Enjoy-
The new Sea Island Beach Club entrance

As you walk into the Beach Club

A view of the Beach Club, walking up to the Loggia Bar

The view out the backyard of the lovely host home.

Heading out on a bike ride to explore - yes, that is a white bike and it's named Grace Kelley!

Relaxing by the pool after a long bike ride, the pomeranian was not thrilled to be sharing his kingdom!

Although I didn't take a lot of photos while out and about dining, we did have fabulous meals. I highly recommend the following: Big George's (The Beach Club), Halyard's, Delaney's and my favorite for breakfast or lunch - The 4th of May. Be sure to order a cup of the seafood gumbo, squash casserole and a biscuit with honey. If you haven't had a weekend with your friends, take a break and plan a gathering today - it does a world of good!


A hostess gift for the tough to buy for...

This weekend I'm heading to the beach for a La Plates trunk show and a girls' weekend. When reviewing what to buy my hostess, I was at a loss. Then I spoke with Jill at Sew Divine. She mentioned that she had a variety of colors in linen tea towels and she could monogram them with anything.
Here's the traditional vine monogram

and the nickname of the hostess' lovely home!

I'll be back next week with details of The Tortoise and the Hare, Saint Simons Island trunk show...and I'm sure some Sea Island photos.


The "old" Sea Island

There aren't many places for which I would schedule a 5:40 am flight...except Sea Island, Georgia. I won't bombard you with the photos of family bingo night (my 80's bangs can remain off limits), or my parents honeymoon, or the 100 fishing and crabbing pictures my brother insisted we capture. I won't list all the amazing visits or fabulous people we've connected with at the beach (husband counts). The Junior Staff photos probably should remain in the same category as the 80's bangs and the wedding photos, I can't find. So I leave you with these photos of the old hotel. I know the new Cloister is over the top amazing. But I have to say, I do miss the old place!


Bring your politics to the table!

Who knows what's to come November 4th, but I know what I'll be eating off of to cast my vote! La Plates can customize political plates for a local election or for each person at the table. Regardless of your views of the upcoming election, be sure to VOTE!!


Going GREEN with the kids

Any of you who know La Plates, know we like to try to be as GREEN as possible without sacrificing fabulous style. I've had this on going issue with going GREEN on school lunches. It's the "saving the earth" vs. "pack an easy lunch" battle. With the help of Laptop Lunches, I've figured it out! All the compartments are dishwasher safe - that means I don't go through a box of baggies every 2 weeks! Checkout these great lunch boxes:
Thermal carrying bag, silverware, water bottle and suggestion book are included.

All compartments are dishwasher safe and BPA-free

The book actually has great ideas for lunches...maybe the hubby can start packing for work -
what, no lunch with the guys?!

Anything that makes my kid drink water and think his lunches are cool is cool by me!


The cups are in!

Many of you asked and now they are here - reusable 16 ounce frost flex cups! They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for entertaining. La Plates offers:
Circle Monogram

and Script Monogram

Frost flex cups are dishwasher safe on the top rack - so reusable and GREEN!

We're happy to customize a set with text and different fonts, just let us know if you have something specific in mind. I'm dreaming up what our hostess gift sets should read for the holidays...a friend suggested "I've been naughty and it's been nice"- I think I like it!


They made it down the aisle!

For any of you that have children, you can imagine my fear when asked to have my boys participate in a wedding. The plan was to have my 3 year old pull my 16 month old and my 21 month old nephew down the aisle. Starting last week, the insomnia began. I had dreams of kids flying out of the wagon, stage fright half way down the aisle and just basic fear of all hell breaking loose. We prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. Guess what, they did great!
The 3 amigos ready to make their debut!
Not sure handing these two the rings was a great idea, but it wasn't my show!
Making sure everyone knew he was in charge - shhhh!
My moment of calm after the storm...they made it down the aisle!
Still in charge, still leading the way - the uncles look pretty relieved it's over!
Our attempt at a family shot, can't ever get everyone looking at the camera, oh well.
The happy couple digging into the best wedding cake ever-Rebekah Foster.
Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!


Thirty-something birthday wishes...

As I write this post on the eve of my thirty-something birthday, I wonder how I've gotten this old?! The only thing to cure my fear of a mid-life crisis, is my must have list of the moment. Those of you wondering (husband), what you should run out and purchase in the next 12 hours, here are a few suggestions:
Honey, I'd love some earrings to match my Page Sargisson necklace...
I'd like for someone to take my kids to see Isaac and surprise me with the amazing photos.
I don't want to have to do cartwheels trying to get them to look at the camera. However, you can let me pick out their outfits before you pick them up.

A Canon camera - the pink wavy lines through all our pictures are starting to get annoying!

Don't want Lindsay's "baggage", just the Hermes bag!

My subscription ran out months ago and I'm really missing my weekly fix! From this cover, I could use one of the "20 best makeovers", but the 52 week Us Weekly deal will do.

A belated birthday present, the girls beach weekend is only a week away!

A little something I picked up for myself, for business purposes, of course.
IPhone - thanks for the gift certificate, Mattie!

And while I'm whipping up this list of items, I might as well replace the cracked watch face with a skipping hand in style - Cartier tank watch, fabulous!

Now hurry off to do your shopping!


Tablescapes - Kansas City

La Plates is participating in the 2008 Kansas City Tablescapes - we decided on a "Pink Christmas" theme. Here are the stats on the event:
"Tablescapes is a host to some of the most talented and creative designers in the metropolitan area who will transform the Grand Hall into an innovative decorating and shopping experience! The ultimate shopping experience will begin at the Preview Party and continue through the entire luncheon, taking a break for lunch. While you shop, you can gather ideas for creating tables at your next party!" (Tablescapes benefits American Royal Education Programs.)

We would like to thank everyone that pitched in to make the La Plates area fabulous...even with the large fire hose taking up our wall!! Jamie, Annie, Anya, Jeannie - you saved the day! Abby, Courtney, Shannon, your props were perfect. Thanks for everything, you're the best!