Thirty-something birthday wishes...

As I write this post on the eve of my thirty-something birthday, I wonder how I've gotten this old?! The only thing to cure my fear of a mid-life crisis, is my must have list of the moment. Those of you wondering (husband), what you should run out and purchase in the next 12 hours, here are a few suggestions:
Honey, I'd love some earrings to match my Page Sargisson necklace...
I'd like for someone to take my kids to see Isaac and surprise me with the amazing photos.
I don't want to have to do cartwheels trying to get them to look at the camera. However, you can let me pick out their outfits before you pick them up.

A Canon camera - the pink wavy lines through all our pictures are starting to get annoying!

Don't want Lindsay's "baggage", just the Hermes bag!

My subscription ran out months ago and I'm really missing my weekly fix! From this cover, I could use one of the "20 best makeovers", but the 52 week Us Weekly deal will do.

A belated birthday present, the girls beach weekend is only a week away!

A little something I picked up for myself, for business purposes, of course.
IPhone - thanks for the gift certificate, Mattie!

And while I'm whipping up this list of items, I might as well replace the cracked watch face with a skipping hand in style - Cartier tank watch, fabulous!

Now hurry off to do your shopping!

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