Going GREEN with the kids

Any of you who know La Plates, know we like to try to be as GREEN as possible without sacrificing fabulous style. I've had this on going issue with going GREEN on school lunches. It's the "saving the earth" vs. "pack an easy lunch" battle. With the help of Laptop Lunches, I've figured it out! All the compartments are dishwasher safe - that means I don't go through a box of baggies every 2 weeks! Checkout these great lunch boxes:
Thermal carrying bag, silverware, water bottle and suggestion book are included.

All compartments are dishwasher safe and BPA-free

The book actually has great ideas for lunches...maybe the hubby can start packing for work -
what, no lunch with the guys?!

Anything that makes my kid drink water and think his lunches are cool is cool by me!

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