12 Days of Thanksgiving : Day 6,7 and 8

Do you ever have one of those days that just doesn't work right - that was yesterday. Thought all was going well, then lost our internet connection - just a bit of a headache when you run an online biz. Anywho we're back on track, but we decided to make our iThings deal run through tomorrow while we catch up around here. If you have an android phone, just check our Monogrammed Celly dropdown & see if we carry your style phone.


12 Days of Thanksgiving : Day 5

We can't cook your Thanksgiving dinner next week, but we can help make your table cute! Checkout our new FREE PRINTABLES page on our website - more to come this holiday season!


12 Days of Thanksgiving : Day 4 Freebie

Find something to make life easier at the holidays? Sign me up! I LOVE our gift stickers for wrapping up kiddo birthday gifts, holiday treats - any event that calls for a present! These stickers speed up the wrap & give the finishing touch.


The Pioneer Woman has great taste!

We are HUGE fans of The Pioneer Woman - she's amazing for so many reason. When we saw her using La Plates for her Roasted Squash Spagetti with Kale recipe, we were over the moon! Now if I could just whip things up as well as she does...with Turkey Day just around the corner, I could use her golden touch!

12 Days of Thanksgiving : Day 3 Discount

DESIGNER Placemat + HOLIDAY Placemat
PET Placemat


The 12 Days of Thanksgiving

We are huge fans of Thanksgiving around here - family, friends, food, football - we love it all! So in honor of one of our favorite holidays, we're having a celebration countdown of sorts. We're calling it the 12 Days of Thanksgiving. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter - we'll let you know what we're featuring each day & a discount code. The countdown starts today and ends Thanksgiving Eve...be done with holiday shopping before Black Friday even begins!


Holiday 2013...it's around the corner!

We're trying to be better about writing our blog & this new item made us want to get to work! We are in LOVE with our new leather clutches. Just in, we can't wait to carry this one to all the holiday parties this year! Holiday 2013 will be here before you know it...who needs one on your list?


Monogrammed Wedge Pillow GIVEAWAY!

We are over the moon with our applique Monogrammed Wedge Pillow & we're giving one away this week! This pillow, valued at $200, is part of our collection that is handmade, piece by piece, designed by your fabric choices. Each of our applique pieces is made in the USA and takes about 6 weeks for production - meaning it's time to order up for the holidays!

Can't wait to see if you win the GIVEAWAY? Use code: PILLOW10 for 10% off any of our applique pieces, through 9.29.13.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are a couple Monogrammed Wedge Pillows, perfect for sitting in bed to read:

Have you seen the adorable Tooth Fairy Pillows? We're talking serious fabulousness!!

There's a little something for EVERYONE on your holiday list this year!

The perfect jewelry round for travel:

Dress up any tissue box with a custom cover:

And not to be forgotten, a monogrammed shower cap!


40 hours until 40!

So the countdown is on - 40 hours until I turn 40! I'm feeling good & am pretty calm about heading over the hill. I'm not sure what all the fam has planned, all I know is I was requested to make the following...

and there may be something about a Funnel Cake Truck - a girl has her dreams, right?


iPhone 5C & 5S : Monogrammed Cases

We're techie geeks around here and can't wait to get our hands on the new iPhone! Of course we'll be sporting a new monogrammed case as well...now time to decide on colors!
Order online: http://bit.ly/13HNiIS and be sure to pick 5C or 5S for the specific phone you purchase - the cases are made to fit specific phones. 5C will be a barely there case and 5S will include a protective tough layer. We will continue to carry the regular 5 covers for a bit, but not much longer, as Apple has discontinued production of that phone. iPhone 4S cases will continue in production, as Apple announced that will be the model for their "free" phone with cell service contract. Email us with any questions you may have about your new case, we're happy to help with whatever we can!


It's a TEAL month - let's celebrate!

Those near & dear know I lost my mother to ovarian cancer 9 years ago. Since then, I've been an advocate for my personal health with my family history. I have gone to appointments every 6 months, as suggested. After an "abnormal" report and meetings with my doctor, it was decided that I would have surgery.

Three weeks later & lots of TLC from friends and family, I can say I'm feeling good! During this TEAL month of Ovarian Cancer Awareness, make sure you know the signs of this silent killer. Tell everyone you know about it and be your own health advocate - we can make a difference!

And now I must confess, the meal delivery and amazing treats sent my way the last month have kept my spirits up and my work load down. {The dinners delivered put my cooking to shame - I've got some work to do.} I couldn't have made such a fast comeback with out it all! Here's a recap of a few treats...

 Edible Arrangements - healthy & pretty:)

 Cookies by Design - "Bounce back soon", a hit with all my sports fans!

 Loved the lotto scratch offs - delivered by a friend who knows the bordom of surgery recovery!

 A fun combo to keep me entertained, plus a good luck clover for a fast recovery.

 Cookies homemade & shipped from Maine - seriously amazing & kept these two happy.

 Such a thoughtful gift from Hoopla - arrived the day I found out I had a clean bill of health!

 To grab the boys a meal on the go...and fill mommy with her favorite, Diet Coke!

 The most amazing orange muffins from The Bloomsbury Bistro - just like my mom used to make.

And the last flowers standing, gorgeous hydrangeas grown & delivered by neighbors.


Sharing the Southwest LUV!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Southwest Airlines! Friends joke with me that they'll be adding my photo to a tail wing soon. With Southwest, I've been able to afford La Plates business travel for trunk shows & cross country events. They have also provided the transportation for amazing memories & adventures for our family. 

Recently, Southwest called us about a thank you note we wrote - they had saved our family vacation! If you want to see his story, we're at 6:06 of this video.

Here's a little behind the scenes...starting with his favorite hotel activities - ice machine + vending machines + jumping on the bed!

Not quite ready to give up the Southwest life, he requested an airplane cheese sandwich & SWA pretzels for lunch.


Baby gifts - new fab sets from La Plates!

We LOVE our salad/dessert size plates and they make the perfect gift for a birthday or baby gift. We've pulled together 4 of our favorite kiddo designs and packaged them up for our new KIDDO Salad/Dessert Set, your friends will love you for gifting practical and the kiddo will feel like a million bucks when they sit down to personalized meals & snacks!
You pick the set that fits your little one best, sets are designed in colors shown

Next up is the full tabletop place setting of dinner plate + salad plate + placemat, perfect for tot to teen. Heck, even adults like this combo! KIDDO Gift Set is available in DOTS or STRIPES, you pick background & font colors OR Handwriting Print, perfect for to entertain kids at the dinner table!


Merry Everything...in July

Shop 'til you drop thru Sunday, 7.28.13!


The royal baby is here!

We've all been a little gaga about the arrival of the little prince. Now that he's here, we've been playing with designs...anyone got Kate & William's address at the Middleton's in Bucklebury?


sadie + stella GIVEAWAY!

Check it out here! There's also a discount code, good until Wednesday, July 17th, 2013:)


Friends and Family Discount - shop away!

A pictures is worth...15% off! Shop thru the 4th with code FF15 for 15% off your entire order, woohoo!


Vanity Fair - Nautical Essentials for Summer

We were super excited to work with the fabulous Punch Hutton over at Vanity Fair for her round up of nautical-themed essentials. It was an honor to be part of her lineup!
In honor of her featuring La Plates, we're offering 10% off this weekend only! Be sure to load up on all your Summer pieces for outdoor entertaining!


A Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Shower

One of my all-time favorites is having a baby!! My sweet cousin is due the end of the Summer & I couldn't be more excited.

We just had a baby shower in her honor - not sure if it's a boy or girl, so we partied Hungry Caterpillar style. Of course I had to whip up a plate for the little guy/girl:

We went crazy with Pinterest ideas. Dreams & Buttercream cookies were the best find - you must have them for your next event! Jill was a treat to work with, email her here: dreamsandbuttercream@yahoo.com
B is going to be the best mama EVER and I can't wait to squeeze her baby's cheeks and spoil him/her rotten! Kind of like I used to do when I would carry her around like my baby...