Congrats Reese!

Congrats to one of our favorite working moms & fellow monogram lover, Reese Witherspoon. We've loved her since Man in the Moon (now that's a blast from the past!) She just welcomed baby #3, Tennessee James Toth - great name. And now we leave you with our favorite quote from Reese:


Breakfast in Bed?

So I've got to be honest, this photo didn't happen in real life...but wouldn't it be nice? We snapped this when photographing our new Lucite Trays. I love this image, as it captures some of my favorite things! Quadrille Java Java fabric headboard - LOVE! Front pillows + coverlet = Leontine Linens, an amazing company with over-the-top fantastic monogrammed pieces. If I were Oprah, these would be some of My Favorite Things...but alas, that is just a dream - like this breakfast in bed scene!


A little love from the RNC

A while back the Republican National Convention contacted La Plates about designing something for their upcoming convention. We were thrilled when they ordered stacks and stacks of La Plates Cutting Boards for the event!
We're not picking favorites - we're happy to help out the Democrats too. Obama, just give us a call if we can whip something up for you and your peeps heading to Charlotte!