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Mom Jewelry

I'm not a fan of "mom jeans", "mom haircuts" or many other "mom" categories. However, I find that when the word "jewelry" is pared with it, I'll take it! I seem to have to justify any major or minor purchase these days. So I've decided to justify this shopping spree by showcasing my seems like a good excuse for mommy to buy herself some jewelry!

Sonja Renee has a wide variety of fabulous pieces - not "mom jewelry" at all! My favorite collection is the engraved disk pendants. I'll be ordering up a "J" and a "W" for my boys, then the hubby can pop for the bling disks later...OK, so I won't hold my breath!

If you're thinking about ordering and can't make up your mind, the ladies at Sorella in Macon, Georgia can take care of you. Give them a call at 478*476*8600


A treat for mommy

On a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia, I realized the hostess of my trip was the most talented jewelry designer! I immediately had to have something from her collection. Anyone who has seen me the last week, has probably noticed my new jewels - I can't seem to take them off!

Here's a little bio on Kendall...what's not mentioned are the fabulous years spent working in Sea Island, Atlanta and rooming with me! If you would like something similar, her pieces are sold through SCAD.

"Kendall McCurry began making jewelry a few years ago after she felt the need to provide great jewelry for herself and her friends at affordable prices. Her bold and colorful pieces have quickly become a favorite of many at Savannah College of Art and Design. She creates her beaded pieces simply as to highlight the unique beauty of semi-precious stones and crystals. A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Kendall now resides in Savannah, Georgia with her husband, their son Ford and daughter, Eleanor. Kendall holds an MA in Art History from Savannah College of Art and Design."