Tabletop Tuesday - CAMO can be preppy?

Placemat CHEVRON orange with navy rugby stripe;
PLAIN dinner plate in orange with ROMAN navy "D";
CAMO salad plates with each child's name - special order, email for details.


Tabletop Tuesday - Beach Bound

Spent a fabulous weekend with good friends in a good place. My Sea Island escape inspired this tabletop:
From base to top:
Placemat in SAYA orange with a rugby stripe of turquoise;
PLAIN dinner plates in orange with SCRIPT white "S";
KNOTS salad plate in turquoise with SCRIPT orange "S".

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Quick & delish recipe from AllRecipes.com, if you're looking to host a celebration today:

1 (6 ounce) can frozen limeade
6 fluid ounces tequila
2 fluid ounces triple sec
1.Fill blender with crushed ice. Pour in limeade concentrate, tequila and triple sec. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve = 4 servings.


If you're raising boys...

...and they love Star Wars as much as mine, you know this is a national holiday:
thankful to Hollywood Studios who made this kid's
Disney dream come true - he took down Darth


Lego Party Extravaganza

Last week was a big one - my baby turned 6! He is all about Legos, so naturally, he'd been dreaming up his party for months! He's very detail oriented, so he did a lot of the set up himself. He checked out a few things on Pinterest & got to work.
Will set up the photo of his favorite guy & 2 dogs. We took a photo & 
then used a Lego font + copperplate font for the text. 
I'm happy to share the background image...but you can snap one easily.

We haven't found a Lego Store this kid didn't like. However, the staff at the Oak Park 
location went above & beyond to help Will sort out supplies for 10 cars. 

 We also picked up a Lego figure mold at the Lego Store - 
we used it to melt down all of our old crayons.

 The boys used these crayons to color during the party,
 then we tossed a few in each "goodie bucket" to take home.

 We always line our dining room table with craft paper for kid parties. 
It makes it fun for the kids to draw, plus clean up is a breeze!

 Will had a specific idea of how he wanted the table set up.

We used Shatto milk bottles to hold Lego extras...they were great table decor, 
but helped the kiddos when they were looking for extra blocks to build their cars.

 We bought 2 pounds of Lego Block Candy - you can get it at most bulk candy stores. 
However, I just called Chip's Candy Store and they shipped it asap!

We used the Block Candy for the cupcakes & in the "goodie buckets".

 Our Lego figure mold was used in round 2 for our cupcakes. 
The kids LOVED being able to eat these guys!

 Goodie bags are a favorite of my boys. Target had buckets in the $1 section & 
I added vinyl names to each. We filled the buckets with a Lego magazine, 
play dough, block candy, Lego crayons + the Lego car built at the party.

 Since the party was right after school, I knew we'd have hungry boys! Bowls of Chex mix, 
Pirate's Booty & Bugles were all over the table...Lego head guy kept an eye on it all!

 Once we started the Lego building, the room was so quiet!

 Each boy really did a great job making their car unique & 
had great stories for why they built it like they did.

 I "hired" my older son & his buddy to help the kids with building - this was so helpful, 
as pieces were dropped, little fingers needed help with tire assembly, etc. 

We bought a white board at Lowe's to race the cars.

 Our original plan was to do the races outside, but due to crazy pollen, we moved it inside. 
A little cramped, but less sneezing!

 A few pit stops were require when the cars ran into the wall.

After the races, it was time for cupcakes! The boys enjoyed coloring with 
Lego crayons until cupcakes were served...

 Part of Will's party vision included a Lego structure to hold all of the birthday cupcakes. 
It was a pretty cool idea - not one that I can claim!

 I love his smile in this picture, like his tower turned out as cool as he'd planned!

Our only mishap was due to me not watching the placement of candles. 
I smelled the plastic burning as I walked the cupcakes into the party. 
The boys thought it was SO cool that Will's cupcakes had huge flames! 
Quick recovery & cupcake tower salvaged!