Minecraft Party

I just had a crash course on Minecraft. If your kiddo is requesting a party with the same theme, let me give you the shortcut version & all the links to helpful sources. Before this event, I thought it was "Mindcraft", like my child was using his mind to create structures. Through all my new BFF's via Pinterest, I learned so much more & I pulled off a party that my son said was "EPIC"!

Decor was basic & was made out of things I picked up at Hobby Lobby or Target - the invitation & a lot of the signage, I created using the Minecraft font. You can find invitations & signs on Etsy, if you don't want to make them. Throughout the party, we had tunes playing from this YouTube playlist.

Special order La Plates - designed by the birthday boy!

There's so much to do with food for a Minecraft party - I had my kiddo pick out his favorite items and we used those. If I had it to do over, I might work on creating more non-sugar related items, but it was a party, right?!
 Sand, dirt & coal were made from Rice & Cocoa Crispies...

 ...just added black gel food coloring to make coal.

 licorice = TNT, Rolos = gold

 You can now purchase "Steve" heads from Target, but I ended up making ours because my son wanted a blonde version...and I watched this video to figure it out, sorry no shortcut.

The activities we planned worked out pretty well - corralling 6 & 7 year old boys is tough no matter what you're organizing them to do! 

 Who knew the old-fashioned games would prove to be so fun! They went back 2 & 3 times to get another chance at the pig.

 I hadn't made a pinata in years...sadly, our ghast was a little too hefty & it took the hubs whacking him a couple of times before the candy explosion. No one seemed to care & it was pretty funny to watch.

Mini crafting tables were used as tic-tac-toe boards...something I hadn't even planned!

 Here's the disaster of a table - post sugar & games. You can see we also played BINGO, cute & there are different versions for different age groups.

 This guy couldn't have been more excited about his cake. He wanted a TCBY cake & our fabulous local store did it exactly to his drawn request...took them red fruit roll-ups to make the design on top.

One happy 7 year old!