La Plates visits 90210 again

La Plates loves when celebs love our products - at Liam McDermott's 2nd birthday, our new placemats were a huge hit! Always the 90210 devoted fans, we can't wait for Tori Spelling's return to the scene this Spring. Happy Birthday Liam and welcome back to 90210 Tori!
Thanks to The Silver Spoon for tracking us down again!


March Madness

I was born a Hoosier and I still love Bobby Knight. However, I live in Jayhawk country now. Since moving to Kansas City in 2001, our Springs have revolved around basketball (and golf). This year is no different, but I've decided to embrace the craze! Here are some ideas that the local fans have come up with...we can change up the theme for your neck of the woods!
Cocktail anyone?
Every appie looks better on a La Plates Platter!
This one doesn't get much love in our house, but it's a big hit with the competition!


Great gift for the In-Laws

We've had a lot of customers ask if they can get less than 100 of the La Plates Monogrammed Cups, unfortunately the answer is no. However, we have a great solution if you're not planning to use all 100 for yourself. Get them monogrammed with a single initial and split the 100 up between others that share the same initial! Here's a sample of our Single Initial within a Square in RED. We partnered up the monogrammed cups with a large acrylic tray - how cute?!


Celebrating GREEN

It was such an honor to have La Plates featured in the March issue of SPACES Magazine. We were thrilled to be interviewed for the GREEN issue. Thanks to Loring Leifer for her fabulous writing! Click on the magazine below to read the article.


Recipes to rival Oprah's guests

I hesitate it writing about recipes, as I am not going to appear on the Food Network anytime soon. However, if any of you are planning on running out to cook the posted recipes from the latest Oprah, I want you to save your time and money! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Oprah! She is such an inspiring woman and I respect her for all she has done and will do in the future. However, she admits she does not cook. I also believe, she may not have loved what was prepared on her show yesterday. She "ooohs & aaahs" over Paula Deen's cooking, but the budget friendly, quick tips show, she seemed to be regretting a large bite. I have 3 quick dinner tips I must share...cheap, fast prep and it's edible!

Chicken Soft Tacos (slow cooker/crock pot)-
1 small jar of salsa (generic)
1 small bag of frozen corn (generic)
1 can of black beans (generic - rinsed and drained)
1 pakcage of taco seasoning (generic)
4-6 chicken breasts, cut into pieces (I used frozen, generic)
* cook for 4-6 hours on LOW...do not cook at HIGH for half the time!
* separate chicken & "salsa", serve salsa/corns/bean as a side or topping
* serve on soft flour tortillas with cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guac...whatever you like on tacos.

Tex-Mex Casserole (leftovers from above)-
This makes two 9 x 9 casseroles...I say save one for later or surprise a neighbor with dinner!
On stove in pan combine:
1 can cream of chicken (generic + 1.5 cans of water)
1/4 C. of butter
2 chicken buillion cubes

Boil/Cook 1 package of pasta...your choice of noodles
Combine noodles with leftover chicken (from above tacos)
Add 1 small can of chopped green chiles (generic)

Put noodle combo in a greased pan & pour sauce over
Sprinkle with cheese, bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes
Serve with leftover corn/bean salsa from taco dinner & chips

I like this casserole better after it sits over night...it really is better!

Stir-fry...the easy way-
1-2 lbs. meat of your choice, cut into pieces (we do chicken or beef)
2-3 T of La Choy Garlic Ginger
2-3 T of soy sauce (generic, low sodium)
cook in wok or skillet until meat is done

add bag of WestPac Stir Fry, many choices...they make it easy if you don't want to prepare rice!
otherwise, serve on rice - your choice if you go healthy on brown or quick cook in a bag!

We have not calculated time to prepare, calorie or health content. However, these recipes are easy, tasty & cheap! We are not responsible for any undercooked meats or kids who don't eat their dinners.

Social vs. "Business" Networking

We have blogged about our love for Facebook in the past. We knew we loved it for reconnecting with old friends, distant family & a few random people from long ago. However, our initial reason for joining Facebook was "networking". Since we've spent entirely too many minutes...hours...possibly days checking FB, we decided we needed to get serious about the "business" part of Facebook. We're still not sure the best way to share La Plates with the world, but you can become a fan AND join our group! Either way, we'll provide discounts and the latest and greatest from La Plates.


A treat for mommy

On a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia, I realized the hostess of my trip was the most talented jewelry designer! I immediately had to have something from her collection. Anyone who has seen me the last week, has probably noticed my new jewels - I can't seem to take them off!

Here's a little bio on Kendall...what's not mentioned are the fabulous years spent working in Sea Island, Atlanta and rooming with me! If you would like something similar, her pieces are sold through SCAD.

"Kendall McCurry began making jewelry a few years ago after she felt the need to provide great jewelry for herself and her friends at affordable prices. Her bold and colorful pieces have quickly become a favorite of many at Savannah College of Art and Design. She creates her beaded pieces simply as to highlight the unique beauty of semi-precious stones and crystals. A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Kendall now resides in Savannah, Georgia with her husband, their son Ford and daughter, Eleanor. Kendall holds an MA in Art History from Savannah College of Art and Design."


New Editions - love it!

It's always fun to hear about a friend starting out on a new business adventure. Lauren and I met years ago...one of my best friend's, little sister's, best friend...make sense? Since then we've seen each other over the years and I've always loved her style and stories.

Recently, New Editions has made their way onto the art scene. Lauren Miller, Patrick & Jane Lakey are the founders and this is their philosophy:
"At New Editions, we believe that art serves as our playmate
and our teacher. Art is joyous and challenging, reminding us
of the wonders and complexities of the world – just like our
children. And we believe the two should hang out together
from an early age, so that the seeds of creativity and inquiry
can flourish in us all."

Why didn't this exist when I was creating a nursery?