Recipes to rival Oprah's guests

I hesitate it writing about recipes, as I am not going to appear on the Food Network anytime soon. However, if any of you are planning on running out to cook the posted recipes from the latest Oprah, I want you to save your time and money! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Oprah! She is such an inspiring woman and I respect her for all she has done and will do in the future. However, she admits she does not cook. I also believe, she may not have loved what was prepared on her show yesterday. She "ooohs & aaahs" over Paula Deen's cooking, but the budget friendly, quick tips show, she seemed to be regretting a large bite. I have 3 quick dinner tips I must share...cheap, fast prep and it's edible!

Chicken Soft Tacos (slow cooker/crock pot)-
1 small jar of salsa (generic)
1 small bag of frozen corn (generic)
1 can of black beans (generic - rinsed and drained)
1 pakcage of taco seasoning (generic)
4-6 chicken breasts, cut into pieces (I used frozen, generic)
* cook for 4-6 hours on LOW...do not cook at HIGH for half the time!
* separate chicken & "salsa", serve salsa/corns/bean as a side or topping
* serve on soft flour tortillas with cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guac...whatever you like on tacos.

Tex-Mex Casserole (leftovers from above)-
This makes two 9 x 9 casseroles...I say save one for later or surprise a neighbor with dinner!
On stove in pan combine:
1 can cream of chicken (generic + 1.5 cans of water)
1/4 C. of butter
2 chicken buillion cubes

Boil/Cook 1 package of pasta...your choice of noodles
Combine noodles with leftover chicken (from above tacos)
Add 1 small can of chopped green chiles (generic)

Put noodle combo in a greased pan & pour sauce over
Sprinkle with cheese, bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes
Serve with leftover corn/bean salsa from taco dinner & chips

I like this casserole better after it sits over night...it really is better!

Stir-fry...the easy way-
1-2 lbs. meat of your choice, cut into pieces (we do chicken or beef)
2-3 T of La Choy Garlic Ginger
2-3 T of soy sauce (generic, low sodium)
cook in wok or skillet until meat is done

add bag of WestPac Stir Fry, many choices...they make it easy if you don't want to prepare rice!
otherwise, serve on rice - your choice if you go healthy on brown or quick cook in a bag!

We have not calculated time to prepare, calorie or health content. However, these recipes are easy, tasty & cheap! We are not responsible for any undercooked meats or kids who don't eat their dinners.

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