12 Days of Thanksgiving : Day 6,7 and 8

Do you ever have one of those days that just doesn't work right - that was yesterday. Thought all was going well, then lost our internet connection - just a bit of a headache when you run an online biz. Anywho we're back on track, but we decided to make our iThings deal run through tomorrow while we catch up around here. If you have an android phone, just check our Monogrammed Celly dropdown & see if we carry your style phone.


12 Days of Thanksgiving : Day 5

We can't cook your Thanksgiving dinner next week, but we can help make your table cute! Checkout our new FREE PRINTABLES page on our website - more to come this holiday season!


12 Days of Thanksgiving : Day 4 Freebie

Find something to make life easier at the holidays? Sign me up! I LOVE our gift stickers for wrapping up kiddo birthday gifts, holiday treats - any event that calls for a present! These stickers speed up the wrap & give the finishing touch.


The Pioneer Woman has great taste!

We are HUGE fans of The Pioneer Woman - she's amazing for so many reason. When we saw her using La Plates for her Roasted Squash Spagetti with Kale recipe, we were over the moon! Now if I could just whip things up as well as she does...with Turkey Day just around the corner, I could use her golden touch!

12 Days of Thanksgiving : Day 3 Discount

DESIGNER Placemat + HOLIDAY Placemat
PET Placemat


The 12 Days of Thanksgiving

We are huge fans of Thanksgiving around here - family, friends, food, football - we love it all! So in honor of one of our favorite holidays, we're having a celebration countdown of sorts. We're calling it the 12 Days of Thanksgiving. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter - we'll let you know what we're featuring each day & a discount code. The countdown starts today and ends Thanksgiving Eve...be done with holiday shopping before Black Friday even begins!