Mom Jewelry

I'm not a fan of "mom jeans", "mom haircuts" or many other "mom" categories. However, I find that when the word "jewelry" is pared with it, I'll take it! I seem to have to justify any major or minor purchase these days. So I've decided to justify this shopping spree by showcasing my children...it seems like a good excuse for mommy to buy herself some jewelry!

Sonja Renee has a wide variety of fabulous pieces - not "mom jewelry" at all! My favorite collection is the engraved disk pendants. I'll be ordering up a "J" and a "W" for my boys, then the hubby can pop for the bling disks later...OK, so I won't hold my breath!

If you're thinking about ordering and can't make up your mind, the ladies at Sorella in Macon, Georgia can take care of you. Give them a call at 478*476*8600

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