It's a TEAL month - let's celebrate!

Those near & dear know I lost my mother to ovarian cancer 9 years ago. Since then, I've been an advocate for my personal health with my family history. I have gone to appointments every 6 months, as suggested. After an "abnormal" report and meetings with my doctor, it was decided that I would have surgery.

Three weeks later & lots of TLC from friends and family, I can say I'm feeling good! During this TEAL month of Ovarian Cancer Awareness, make sure you know the signs of this silent killer. Tell everyone you know about it and be your own health advocate - we can make a difference!

And now I must confess, the meal delivery and amazing treats sent my way the last month have kept my spirits up and my work load down. {The dinners delivered put my cooking to shame - I've got some work to do.} I couldn't have made such a fast comeback with out it all! Here's a recap of a few treats...

 Edible Arrangements - healthy & pretty:)

 Cookies by Design - "Bounce back soon", a hit with all my sports fans!

 Loved the lotto scratch offs - delivered by a friend who knows the bordom of surgery recovery!

 A fun combo to keep me entertained, plus a good luck clover for a fast recovery.

 Cookies homemade & shipped from Maine - seriously amazing & kept these two happy.

 Such a thoughtful gift from Hoopla - arrived the day I found out I had a clean bill of health!

 To grab the boys a meal on the go...and fill mommy with her favorite, Diet Coke!

 The most amazing orange muffins from The Bloomsbury Bistro - just like my mom used to make.

And the last flowers standing, gorgeous hydrangeas grown & delivered by neighbors.

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