They made it down the aisle!

For any of you that have children, you can imagine my fear when asked to have my boys participate in a wedding. The plan was to have my 3 year old pull my 16 month old and my 21 month old nephew down the aisle. Starting last week, the insomnia began. I had dreams of kids flying out of the wagon, stage fright half way down the aisle and just basic fear of all hell breaking loose. We prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. Guess what, they did great!
The 3 amigos ready to make their debut!
Not sure handing these two the rings was a great idea, but it wasn't my show!
Making sure everyone knew he was in charge - shhhh!
My moment of calm after the storm...they made it down the aisle!
Still in charge, still leading the way - the uncles look pretty relieved it's over!
Our attempt at a family shot, can't ever get everyone looking at the camera, oh well.
The happy couple digging into the best wedding cake ever-Rebekah Foster.
Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

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