Girls' Weekend

Re-entry into motherhood and the working world has been a tough one! I can't get over what fun I had with old friends...my sides were hurting from laughing so hard. We figured out we have been friends for 16 years, one of us from Greenwich, CT...one of us from Indianapolis...one of us from Dooley County, GA. Sea Island (Junior Staff) brought us together all those years ago and it rounded us up again this weekend - what fun! I tried to capture photos of some of the new buildings during our adventures. Enjoy-
The new Sea Island Beach Club entrance

As you walk into the Beach Club

A view of the Beach Club, walking up to the Loggia Bar

The view out the backyard of the lovely host home.

Heading out on a bike ride to explore - yes, that is a white bike and it's named Grace Kelley!

Relaxing by the pool after a long bike ride, the pomeranian was not thrilled to be sharing his kingdom!

Although I didn't take a lot of photos while out and about dining, we did have fabulous meals. I highly recommend the following: Big George's (The Beach Club), Halyard's, Delaney's and my favorite for breakfast or lunch - The 4th of May. Be sure to order a cup of the seafood gumbo, squash casserole and a biscuit with honey. If you haven't had a weekend with your friends, take a break and plan a gathering today - it does a world of good!

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