Donuts are for dipping!

In the midst of a wild week of travel, we "postponed" our second child's birthday until this weekend. Actually, we weren't going to have a party until I read a genius idea from Twist Entertaining. They described a Donut Dipping Party that I decided was my solution...a quick Saturday morning party, before soccer games & chaos began. Not to mention #2 is obsessed with the movie Cars, so this could justify us playing the movie for the 100th time! I've decided short and sweet parties are perfect. Now we've got pictures to prove we hosted a 2 year old birthday party for #2...he's not the forgotten second child, after all!

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little augury said...

enjoyed this birtday. I love your plates too- I just posted a blog with some of your designs and links to this site and home. Congrats on your first year! G