Happy Birthday to...

OK, so it's my birthday, but I like to turn the tables on my big day. Instead of getting gifts, I like to give them. Actually, I wish I could give all my friends their birthday presents on MY birthday, because I just stink at remembering everyone's big day!

In honor of all those dates that have slipped by me I'm calling this the "Happy Birthday to YOU" deal. Buy a set of 5 plates, get 1 FREE...buy a set of 10 plates, get 2 FREE...and so on. There is no code for this birthday treat, just mention it in the notes or personalization section.
Details of the Deal: Don't buy 6 and then email us to take off the charge for the 6th plate - we'll have to cancel it all and start over - a pain for everyone! Also, a "set of plates" means they are all identical...not an individual name on each plate - make sense? Expiration of the Birthday Deal = October 13, 2009...my Nana's 90th birthday!

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