What to do on a 16 hour roadtrip...

Things I learned on our La Plates trunk show roadtrip to Oklahoma & Texas:
-Balliets is the coolest department store around - I got all the inside scoop on their new digs!
-The women of Duncan, OK are awesome!
-Dallas is not a city that you want to be driving through during rush hour.
-Houston is 15+ hours from my home.
-Our host/hostesses during our trunk show whirlwind were amazing!
-RA Sushi on a Friday @ happy hour time, might not be the place to dine with kids.
-Rudy's BBQ is fabulous and so friendly.
-Braum's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough milkshakes would make me an extra large "plate lady", if I lived closer.

Below was one of my cooler mom moments. We were going on hour 13 in the car, when I remembered the glow sticks I had thrown in my bag. As the sun set, I pulled them out & it was instant entertainment - well worth the $1 spent!

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