Balliets, here we come!

Back in 1992 (Stanton Hall - Miami University) I met a woman that I knew would be a friend for life. At the time, her parents had just moved to Oklahoma City to take over Balliets. It was a great store back then, but this year they moved in to a brand new building - AMAZING!

On Tuesday, October 26th, from 5-9pm, Balliets is hosting a Girls' Night Out. La Plates has been invited to attend and share our products. We can't wait to pack up and head on down! If you're in the Oklahoma City area, join us for the fun!

"Balliets is Oklahoma City's premiere destination for fashion, be it apparel, shoes, cosmetics, accessories... you name it. We have recently relocated from 50 Penn Place and now anchor the upscale retail complex at Western and Grand called Classen Curve.

From the infusion of natural light pouring in all around the store, the three-and-a-half miles of rough white pine on the walls, the pale Italian travertine grand staircase, the revolutionary cosmetics and fragrance studio on the second floor, and the 12X12 foot projection screens inside the store, there is nothing usual about the new Balliets. Each individual dressing room is even uniquely and sumptuously appointed.

A bigger, better Balliets awaits you at Classen Curve. A Balliets with more space, more lines, an expanded shoe department and a brand new contemporary department. Balliets has been reborn and we can't wait to show it off."

If you see me at Balliets later this month, you can bet I'll be having a ball! Nothing like hanging out with an old friend and calling it work...and now for the 90's flashback:

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AEOT said...

My husband went to Miami!!! Loved it more than anything. We will definitely consider it for Spencer too!