Snow Day Blues...

If you live anywhere near Kansas City, you aren't alone in preparing for the "crippling" snow to come. We've loaded up the house with food and bevies to last the week. (This does include a box of wine - word to the wise, it's not quality when you're snowed in!)

Looking for something to do while buried in potentially 3 feet of snow? Snap a pic of your La Plates in use. If it entertains our team while on winter lock down, you may be getting some free La Plates loot! What's better than free stuff sent to you, when you can't leave the house?

All photos should be emailed to info at laplates dot com by Friday, 2/4/11 @ 8 am CST. Let's get creative people. We want to see what's on your La Plates!

Prizes will be given for 1 out of 10 entries. One entry per person. Yes, that means the more people that enter, the more we give away! La Plates may use your photo for future promotion.

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