Tavern In The Village

If you live near Kansas City, run don't walk to Tavern in the Village! We are so excited to have this fabulous new restaurant in Prairie Village. It's the perfect place to go on date night OR take your kids for a delicious meal out.

If I were a real food critic, I would have paused to take a photo of each part of my meal. However, I'm a food junkie and couldn't wait to dig in!

We had our kids with us, so every meal begins with what's available to entertain them. The Tavern has gone over the top with cool kid placemats that you can color with pressure (think keys, coins, spoons) or with triangular crayons - I know cool! But it doesn't stop there. If your kids are looking like they might finish up with the color masterpiece, they bring out bend-a-roos. I've never had my kids so well behaved and quiet at dinner!

Now on to the food, presentation + flavor was amazing:
Child #1 = melt-in-your-mouth mac and cheese
Child #2 = chicken strips (real chicken, tempura fried)
Husband = ceasar side salad, salmon with capers, whipped potatoes & asparagus
Me = Tavern side salad, fish special topped with crab/horseradish, risotto & sauteed spinach
Dessert = brownie tower, topped with caramel + peanut butter sauce

From the food, to the service, to the fun of running into friends and neighbors; The Tavern is going to be the place to be. I'm excited for our community to have such a wonderful place to gather. Congrats to our friends, The Mannings, for creating the perfect restaurant for Kansas City. Cheers to them for coming up with the concept - cheers to me, that I can leave cooking up to The Tavern now!

The Tavern opens to the public, Monday, February 28th, 2011.

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