Happy Birthday La Plates!

I can't believe our little plate biz is turning 3! It seems like just yesterday I was dreaming up the La Plates website, brainstorming with friends and diving into this entrepreneurial adventure. Since our launch, we've had quite a ride. None of our success would have been possible without the amazing support from family, friends and our fabulous clients. Not to mention, all the new friends we've met along the way. Editors, bloggers, writers and social media peeps have shared our products with their following - making La Plates bigger than we ever dreamed could happen!

In a small effort to say thanks to all of our loyal fans, we're taking the work week (5/2/11 - 5/6/11) to giveaway La Plates treats. Here's how it works:

You can enter three times a day:
* "Like" La Plates Facebook Page and leave a comment on Celebration Post = 1 entry
* Share La Plates Celebration on YOUR Facebook Page = 1 entry
* Post the Celebration link on your Twitter account, including the following text = 1 entry
(Happy 3rd Birthday @LaPlates! LOVE the #Giveaway! http://on.fb.me/ifmZFH)

What you'll win:
The winning gift certificate amount depends on YOUR participation!
For each entry, we'll add a dollar to the La Plates Gift Certificate.
50 entries = 50 Dollar La Plates Gift Certificate
This means the more peeps you tell to enter, the bigger the prize!
(maximum = $100 La Plates Gift Certificate, daily)

How we pick our winners:
* 5 winners, 1 each day - 5/2/11 - 5/6/11
* Daily winner picked at the end of each day...whenever we end our work day
(between 5pm & midnight CST).
* Winner is posted on La Plates Facebook Page
* Number of daily entries plugged into Random.org - they pick the winner each day


Sarah said...

I have commented, shared and tweeted!
Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!


Erin said...

I just tweeted:



Erin said...

And I posted a link on my Facebook page! (Erin Best Margolin)

Erin said...

ok, I had it linked on FB, then had to delete it and do a new one b/c it wouldn't link to La Plates and YOU....i fixed it now! (Erin Best Margolin on FB)


p.s. a "guru?" you must have me confused w/ someone else. laughing hysterically!

greydolphin said...

my tweet address:


greydolphin said...

my tweet!!



miss garlic said...

i like la plates on facebook!