Happy 4th!

Every year, we kick off our 4th of July weekend with a BBQ + Fireworks gathering. (2009, 2010) For a brief moment in time, all that matters is family, friends and good old-fashioned fun. We make the set up simple for all - including the hosts. We provide the BBQ, chips + bevies...our guests bring the sides + a seat for the fireworks show.

Over the years, we've added to our 4th La Plates collection:
We do load up on games for the kiddos at Target + Walmart:It's tough to stop and take photos when I'm having so much fun! Here's the start to dinner:
We did pause for a quick family photo...I love seeing all the red, white & blue outfits - especially the monogrammed ones.
While some eat BBQ, others spill out on the fairway for some fun...These two hitched a ride on a golf cart stopping by, love it!As a mother of boys, I love looking out & seeing a whole evening of games & running...I knew they'd sleep well...After the parashooters landed and before the fireworks began, these two discovered the dessert stash. They found a quiet seat, where no one could stop them...

We wish you a 4th of family, friends and fun! God Bless America!

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