Welcome our Summer Intern!

We are SO excited to welcome our first summer intern to La Plates! Liza will be focusing on our social media this Summer. You can check her post out every Tuesday here on our blog & she'll be posting on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too. She's got a great eye for style - from fashion to travel to food - she brings it all to the table.

Name: Elizabeth Freitag

University: Texas Christian University 

Major: Strategic Communications with a Business minor

Why do you intern at LA Plates: I want to intern at La Plates to gain a better understanding for advertising and promoting products

First monogrammed piece you remember: My first monogrammed piece was a make up bag

Most memorable meal: Thanksgiving

Most prized possession: Anything my dad has given me

Favorite place to vacation: Grand Cayman

On desert island - 3 pieces you’d need to survive: an umbrella, water, and a swimsuit

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I see myself working at an advertising agency in Dallas

 We can't wait to see all Liza has to share with friends of La Plates. This Kansas City girl has gone Texas Cowgirl on us - love these custom boots she found!

 Here's how I remember Liza...as a 5th grader in my first class at The Barstow School & then a babysitter for my boys...she's all grown up now!

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