An obsession continues...

Last Fall after a little surgery, I had to stay in bed for a week. It was suppose to be a bit longer, but seriously people - there were monograms to create! Anywho, what does one do with this bed rest prescription, but sign up for Netflix & become addicted to multiple shows & binge watch every episode?!

Today is the day that one of my favs comes back - Orange is the New Black. In honor of the return, we rounded up our favorite orangies from La Plates:
Starting top left & going clockwise:

Cutting Board (small) - Mosaic with Script mono
Guest Napkins - Plush with Circle mono
Penelope Wallet in Mango
Platter - Vines with Roman mono
Vineyard Round Necklace (large) - Script mono
Melamine Bowl - Ziggy with Zippy text
Celly Case - Mosaic with Script
VIP Wallet in Mango

Let us know if we can help get you decked out in ORANGE for Summer - it's the new black!

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