Back-to-School, Baby!

As a former school teacher, I love when kids get excited about returning to school. What better way to psych your kiddo up for the new year ahead, than a cool La Plates Handwriting Plate with their very own name? And better yet, you buy 1 and get 1 FREE! I know your thinking, what's the catch? None! We just want your kid to be pumped to head back to school this Fall.

You create a regular order for the first plate. For the second (FREE) plate, just add the details in the "PERSONALIZATION" section of the first plate. Basically, just order 1 and fill out the details for both together. If there are any questions about your order, we will certainly track you down!

You might ask, what if I want to buy 2 plates? Well then you get 2 FREE! You can figure out the rest - order up! Offer good until August 1, 2009, delivery takes 10-15 business days. Sorry, no discount codes apply to this item.

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