Contest for Templeton Silver

In the last year, we've learned that mom entrepreneurs really join together to support one and other. Recently, we heard of a company that needed our help. Now you can help too and WIN some great prizes!

Templeton Silver needs to change the name of their Heirloom Binky Bracelet since Playtex owns the trademark on the word “binky.” At first this appeared to be a setback, but now they feel it’s a blessing for them and hopefully many others.

“What we need from you is a new product name and QUICK! Please
visit our website and click on “Contest” under the “Blog Topics” to see all of the rules and guidelines, as well as the enormous Grand Prize Gift Basket that will be awarded to the ONE person that creates a name that we like!” says Rhett Templeton.

Get those creative juices flowing and come up with a fabulous name for Templeton Silver. They are great moms with a fabulous product...and you could get over $1500 worth of loot! You can see one of the items is a La Plates Happy Birthday Plate - perfect for boys & girls of all ages!
Contest ends Monday, August 31st.

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