A Big Day

As a former teacher, the first day of school has always been a big deal for me. This week was a whole new ballgame...We got him all ready with school supplies + backpack + lunch bag...
But then he got the "hot lunch" menu. Nachos Grande won out over carrying his new lunch bag with my healthy, organic ingredients. Maybe next week he'll take me up on a packed lunch & he'll be rolling in style!

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rObrak said...

That's a good experience. Just keep it up! Eat more healthy food and snack. As for an additional idea for the packed lunch and style, you might like to use an insulated tiffin bag wherein you can stack food and eat it at its best. I mean, using the insulated tiffin bag, it will ensure that the food will stay hot or cold up to 4 hours. Amazing! Be hip and get a style.