Mustache Collection

We recently received news that a really great gal is fighting a really tough battle. In support of her and all the men growing mustaches in her honor, we have created the Mustache Collection. This will be available through 11.30.12, with a portion of all sales being donated in honor of Cathy's Stachies. 

Here's more about Cathy & the men sporting the Stachies. You can see their mustache progress on their Facebook Page.
For a few years now, this team of manly men has grown mustaches during the month of November to raise money for various kinds of men's cancer.  This year, we felt like a change of direction was in order.  For the month of November, we are growing "Stachies for Cathy"  - to raise money toward a potential cure for neuroendocrine tumors (NET).

Our awesome friend Catherine, pictured here, is a cool girl who was just diagnosed with this crummy disease.  Over 11,000 new patients are diagnosed in the US each year with neuroendocrine tumors, also known as the "Steve Jobs" cancer, and that number is on the rise.  This cancer has nearly always metastasized by the time it is found, giving patients little hope for a cure.

Remarkably, a potential cure for NET is sitting idle in a freezer in Sweden.  The biotech industry has abandoned it because it cannot be patented (i.e. no profit), but we don't need them!  As a community, we can raise the funds to bring this potentially wide-ranging cancer therapy to human trials, for people like Catherine and many others.

Please don't let our lip sweaters go unnoticed.  Reward our efforts by donating to the Uppsala University Oncolytic Virus fund using the link on our web page: www.cathysstachies.weebly.com

When donating, please do it in honor of Cathy's Stachies, if possible.

To read more about Catherine's story and the cancer-eating virus on ice in Sweden, visit:www.netcure.weebly.com.

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