Thanksgiving Seating...

Our family meals have gotten really big with the next generation of family coming along. I think it's nice to arrange family & friends by place cards, so as to eliminate the moment of "where should I sit"...no one takes it as bossy, they appreciate being led to the place that is just for them!

Below is a set of place cards we'll be using this Thanksgiving. If all works as it should, you should be able to print a set for your tabletop too:
1. click on the image below 
{it should be a standard 8.5" x 11" vertical page}
2. print on a color printer 
I prefer to print these on cardstock, but you do whatever works for you! 
We can't be there to help you with the Thanksgiving meal, but hopefully these place cards will get your table set and looking spectacular for the day. Be sure to share photos of your table when it's all set!

*Any difficulties with printing, so sorry, it's not my specialty. This is our first attempt at offering free printables, so we're hoping this is more helpful than it is frustrating - always open to suggestions on how to do these IT tricks!

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