Casino Royale - school auction extravaganza

I'm sure many of you have mom duties with your children's school...this year mine has been co-chairing the school auction. While it's been a busy couple of months, I can say we pulled off a serious James Bond party this weekend! I was glad to check it off my list, but could not have asked to work with better co-chairs, committee members and school "family". All the time was well spent, as we raised a lot of money...and had a great time!

If you're planning a Casino Royale in the future and need any graphics, I'm happy to share! You can check out our inspiration via Pinterest and see some of our event below:
First things first, we designed a logo - FYI the Casino Royale font is Century Gothic.
Top Secret invites went out to the entire school a few months before the auction - we used large envelopes to enclose sponsorship information & requests for item donations.

My handy vinyl cutter made "homemade" decor a little easier...again, happy to share graphics if you need them!

Our auction booklets were printed via The UPS Store in Mission, KS - LOVE those guys! 

Co-chairs for 2014 Highlands Auction : Casino Royale!

One of our crafty co-chairs had a real vision - over the top fab casino, on a budget! Recycled boxes, borrowed feathers & cards we can reuse, means more moola for the school!

We always sell Hawk "gear" at the auction, this is a big money maker!

The Bond Bottle Toss was a new addition this year - how can you go wrong with carnival games & bottles of vino as the prize?

Instead linen napkins, we opted for bow tie Bond paper napkins...did I mention our committee members were amazingly helpful?!

We went a crazy on all the Bond references, but it's in the details, right?!

We loved the cookies the Indian Hills Country Club chef came up with - so perfect AND delish!

One room was lined with individual photos of all of our kiddos - Nicki Griffith Photography captured all of their personalities and parents couldn't wait to purchase the portraits!

The main ballroom was filled with all the items our committee acquired over the last couple of months - our community was SO generous and it was much appreciated!!
Our Dad's Club built a custom poker table & had it covered in a variety of beers, it really got the live auction hopping!

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