Design Star - for real!

My friends know this, but I might as well admit to all...I'm an HGTV junkie. I don't have many free moments, but those precious times when both boys are napping, work is at a minimum and I can sneak away for a stolen t.v. fix, I immediately go to HGTV. While Design Star was airing, I would DVR every episode. I was a huge fan of "Jen" before I even knew she was a KC girl. Seriously - her murals are fab and her giggle is contagious, how could I not love the chick?!

Well, I treated myself to an early Christmas present...Jen came to rescue my home office/t.v. space/play pen. If I loved her from a far, she was even better in person! She was all about making the space perfect for our family. She's created the perfect plan for me. She's assigned me homework, as I'm bound and determined to put some of my hours of viewing to work. I've already gone to 2 Lowe's and am hitting the ground running tomorrow to knock out a couple of items on my list.

Stay tuned for before and after shots of the transformation. In the meantime, set your DVR's for Paint-Over with Jennifer Bertrand 5/4c on January 1. She's got a Showdown with Kim Myles in February and then she and her husband will be welcoming their first born to the world. What a lucky little man!
P.S. If you live in the KC area, Jen has donated something fabulous to the Children's Mercy Auction - Red Hot Night, February 14th...I'll meet you at the bidding war!

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