Christmas card photos

My mother had so many amazing qualities. I hope that I am fortunate enough to carry on some of these qualities in my life. However, one thing that always irked me was her constant quest for the perfect Christmas card photo. My brother and I would pose for photos in March and say, "Mom, that'll be the PERFECT Christmas card pic!"...in hopes that that we were done for the year.

Now that I have two kids, I get it. I get that you have one chance a year to connect with all your near and dear family and friends. I get that you want both your kids looking at the camera, preferably looking as though they like one another and maybe no snot or tears visible. Now I get that she started at the beginning of the year, because it could quite possibly take 11.5 months to get that great shot to show off. Well, I gave myself 1 weekend. More specifically, one day. Here are some real "keepers" that I know I will laugh about in years to come. Right now, I'm just slightly annoyed that I couldn't accomplish just one! Enjoy a good laugh on me...those of you getting a card, just wait to see what arrives next week!
So I started the photo shoot early during bathtime...I know it may be my only chance at happiness x 2.

Yes, I dress them in matching outfits for photos.
We tried to bribe with a Jayhawk, but a fight broke out.

Things got worse, instead of better...

I decided an outside shot might be more fun for them...not so much.

We moved to the front yard and added a wagon, not much more fun. They simply look like their mother has lost her mind, pulling them around in 10 degree weather...at least I could break out the coordinating coats!
Happy Holidays!

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