Spirit of the Season

Last week was a little rough. I was on balance overload - mommy and working woman had collided head on Wednesday morning. Then my Christmas "angel" appeared at the perfect moment.

I was hurrying into the grocery to buy enough turkey for the kids and babysitter. I quickly rushed to the deli counter where I placed my order. I spoke briefly with the woman waiting on me and she asked me if I worked weekends...I work from home, a little all the time...do you like the Nutcracker?...yes, are you selling tickets?...wait one minute...I waited, confused as to what was coming, but interested all the same.

As she returned from the basement of the store, Rose presented me with an envelope. You take these tickets and promise me you'll go to the Nutcracker. I bought them for my husband and I the day they went on sale and we can't go now. Will you go? I didn't know what to do or say...can I pay you for them?...no, they are a gift to you...but you don't know me, are you sure?...take them, I want you to go.

I walked away from the deli counter with tears running down my face. I stumbled through the aisles, forgetting anything else I had intended to buy. What I didn't tell Rose was that I had wanted to take my son, but didn't think I should spend the money...I didn't know if I had the time to take him...the business woman had been overshadowing the mommy a little too often. Rose stepped in and reminded me of the importance of family, traditions and holiday spirit. She will never know the impact her gift had on me. I only wish she could have experienced the pure joy in my son's face as the music began and the curtain went up. Rose gifted me the most pure random act of kindness. I plan to pass it on as often as possible - thanks Rose, you are an angel in my book!
All decked out in his Sunday best - had to bring Blankie for the show too!

Reading up on the Nutcracker before the show began.

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