Back Home Again, In Indiana

I love my family more than anything in the world. I especially love when all the generations can hang out together and create memories. The following photos are from a recent trip back to Indianapolis where it all began. I hate that I didn't snap a picture of the pinball competition that ensued in "Pops" basement...someone forgot to tell Pops that you let the 3 year old beat you! I love that my Nana packs up and heads to Pops' house so we can all hang out together. How cool is it that my son knows how to bake the best snickerdoodles in the world already?!
First and second place pinball competitors
Betty Crocker and her prodigy Waiting for the snickerdoodles to bakeNana evening out the haircut his big brother createdHappy as can be with Nana behind the scissors!

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