What a week!

Monday was our annual Girls' Night Out - craziness! Each November we host a night of shopping for the ladies...this usually turns into more of a party, but it's an "official" reason to hire a sitter or convince the hubby to stay home. I always get an idea of what items will be really popular for the holiday season by what these ladies select. Of course La Plates standard 10" inch plates are always a hit, but the La Plates Coolers and Placemats knocked it out of the park! You might say, placemats...I didn't know they were available?! Well they are not online yet - it was a preview of our 2009 Collection.

Here's a quick pic of one of our samples. The placemats are 12"x18" and are covered in a thick ("wipe"able) plastic. What the ladies loved is that you get to customize BOTH sides of the placemat. That means you get to pick 2 fabulous designs...think monogram on one side, name on the other, 2 totally different looks!
We will have our La Plates Placemats at all of our holiday shows. You can find us at St. Chrys Holiday Faire in Chicago, IL 11/13-11/5 and KKG Holiday Homes Tour in Kansas City 12/2-12/3. We have a few other shows throughout the season as well, but we think they send invites - sorry!

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