Bespoke Leather Goods

When I married my husband I had no idea the artistic talent on his side of the family. Over the last 7 years, my father-in-law has amazed me with his talent in creating custom leather goods. He has perfected his skills during his 35+ years in the craft...from Lawrence, Kansas to St. Crispin on the Country Club Plaza and now in his home office. He has studied with the best to make cowboy boots, his handbags are masterpieces and my favorite are his sandals. He would never brag about his talents, so I snuck into his "boot shop" with my camera phone to take these photos:
The old St. Crispin stamp
A collection of his beautiful sandals
A work in progress...he measures each client's feet and designs the sandals to their measurements and arches.
A variety of tools to create the custom leatherwork
A new addition to his talents - a stocking for the grandkids, priceless!
A photo of the artist from "back in the day" - I'm proud to call this talented man family!
Hopefully there will be a website to show off the bespoked leather goods in the near future - I'll keep you posted.

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