Get hoppin'!

There are so many ways to celebrate holidays. In our family, we always had special plates for every occasion. One of my favorite traditions was to get out my great-grandmother's hand painted floral plates...we could only bring them out for Easter. Probably because my parents could only handle one fight a year of my brother and I yelling about which flower we wanted at our place. Sorry Matt, it sounds really stupid now. In your defense, I think you were only trying to claim the most masculine blue flowers.

This year, we found a way to bring this tradition to your table and no fights! You can put each child's name on their very own bunny plate! Checkout the recent additions from La Plates:
These are the Holiday Plates,
shown with Bunny on Turquoise & Hot Pink
Easter is April 12th, so be sure to order from www.laplates.com by the end of March!

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