Think outside the box

While having a retreat with friends, we were sharing recipes, vacation spots and the conversation led to choices of wine. Once everyone had come up with their "favorite", "the absolute best", the conversation landed on Cate. She decided to reveal her best tip known to date...The Black Box.

Founded in early 2003, Ryan Sproule decided wine in a box didn't have to be bad! They state their product is high end wine at everyday prices:

"Black Box Wines makes America's highest quality boxed wine. Our vintage dated wines come from the world's premier growing regions. Boxed wines from our winery are available in retail stores throughout the US. You can now enjoy excellent tasting wine in a box for about half the price you would pay for a bottled wine of the same quality. As an additional bonus, our 3 liter bag-in-box package protects your wine, keeping it fresh for at least 4 weeks after opening."

I can't wait to take this Chardonnay over to our neighbor's for dinner tonight!
As reminded on the The Black Box website:
Please drink responsibly.

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