Barefoot Contessa

If you've been to my home, you know I have a lot of cook books, but only use a few. I have a collection of The Barefoot Contessa series and can't decide on my favorite! Today, I picked up Ina Garten's latest addition - Back to Basics. Since I was number 779 on the list to get my book signed, I had plenty of time to look over the recipes. Yum, I can't wait to test them out!

We always like to take an opportunity to share La Plates with people who would appreciate their design and function. We thought Ina was the perfect candidate to test out our new oval platter. Somehow I think she'll be filling her platter with better treats than mine! See what we designed just for her:
Navy Gingham Oval Platter with Light Green Script Font

Don't worry Ina, I'm almost there...I know you've signed 778 books, but I've got a special treat for you!

She loved it!

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