I fought it for months. I wasn't going to do it, just because everyone else was doing it. I could keep in touch with all my friends on my own. The idea of Facebook made me a little nervous, I mean EVERYONE could find you!

I did it. I love it. I'm addicted. How did I ever live without Facebook?!

Let me count the ways I love thee...
1. Found and communicate with my 1st best friend.
2. Attended a big high school and am now back in touch with many friends that I missed over the years.
3. College roomies and sorority sisters can easily update each other with all of life's going ons.
4. The whole crew from my summer job love FB! We all came from all over the country, so it's fabulous having one place to touch base.
5. Love getting updates on local friends without having to call and chat for hours...I mean who has time with kids, work, and FB?!
6. My sis-in-law was right, it's great for business. I really did create a La Plates group. I'm not entirely sure what to post there yet, but I did it. I have a business group, so now my time on Facebook is a write off as "business", right?!

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