Faux Bois

Earlier this week we had a request for a faux bois pattern on a plate. I hated to admit, but I didn't know the term! It sounded French and fancy and I was excited to see what it could be - I love a new design idea! I immediately went to Google the word, and there it was - fake wood. Now don't get me wrong, I like the concept. I have now found great pieces that use the faux bois technique. I hope admitting I didn't know the term doesn't make me sound ignorant. Hopefully I've enlightened someone else and the next time you see a wood pattern, you will refer to it in it's proper term: faux bois!

Of course this tabletop caught my eye - Room Service Home
Next up, jewelry - checkout jessicajane on etsy
Martha Stewart had a collection at Macy's last spring:
Great mirror from West Elm:
Another Martha collection, this time at Safavieh:
And for those of you wondering, this will never be a faux bois wagon...it will forever be a woody wagon!

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