Halloween costume confusion

We got a costume catalog in the mail at least a month ago and I made the mistake of handing it over to my three year old..."So what do you think you'd like to be this year for Halloween?" He took it to bed that night and before closing his eyes decided:
Luckily, he changed his mind about the same time I found out UPS had "officially" lost a package they had traced three times. Moving on, he entered a Star Wars phase. As long as he could add a light saber to his costume, he would dress up in anything Star Wars related.Next up, he found an Incredible Hulk costume...one in daddy's size, one in his size and one in a baby size for his little brother. I didn't ask what mommy would wear, I was just praying this phase would also pass!
Most recently he decided he would be a cowboy, just like last year. So when you see a crazy lady out on Halloween Eve, scouring the shelves of Target's Halloween section, you'll know my three year old changed his mind, yet again!

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