Disney day dreamin'

What was originally going to be a work trip, turned into a the weekend of a lifetime for a mother & son duo...namely, me & my son. I never thought I would be able to pull it off. La Plates in full gear for the holidays, trunk shows week after week, how would a long weekend to Orlando fit in?! Somehow the stars aligned and we did it. Two jam packed days of Disney, worth every nap we skipped!

The perfect getaway was orchestrated by Tracy Murphy at Creative Travel Adventures. Her website isn't launching until January, but you can read about her services on her blog and call her at 317.919.9220 to book your next trip. (e-mail = tracy@creativetraveladventures.com)

I can't begin to describe the excitement, joy and happiness that I saw in my child this weekend. I used to think Disney was amazing as a kid - that's nothing compared to watching your child experience it. The pictures below are a little recap of the adventure...

I can't get over his smile in this one!

A breakfast with all the characters - a kid's dream come true!

I'm not going to lie, I had one tired kid on my hands.
But at Disney, even tired kids are happy!

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