Fried Chicken Friday

So I've been experiencing a bit of writers block...fighting off a cold, work overload, etc. I found the cure - Stroud's fried chicken! For anyone who has spent significant time in Kansas City, the place is legendary. A few years back, the city had to build a highway through the old location. Everyone was up in arms and couldn't believe such a thing could happen. Thankfully, Stroud's finally found a new home. Lucky for me, it happens to be blocks away from my home.
Now this restaurant hasn't updated a thing in their move - they literally saved bar fixtures from the old building. I'm not entirely sure they didn't save their old curtains and tablecloths too! Fortunately, they also kept all their old recipes...fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and the fabulous cinnamon rolls. The only thing to beat Stroud's would be the same meal from my Nana.

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